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Sina Dehghanian (Persian: سینا دهقانیان) is a highly detail-oriented and meticulous Data Analyst with a proven track record of success. He has had the privilege to collaborate with prestigious international and domestic companies, spanning from Europe to Canada—whether working on-site or remotely. Through these experiences, he has refined his expertise in data analysis and business intelligence (BI). Sina's passion lies in uncovering actionable insights from vast datasets using SQL, tidying and summarizing data with a variety of tools, and presenting findings in an impactful manner to stakeholders, including product managers, executives, and board members.

Throughout Sina's career as a data analyst and engineer, notable milestones have been achieved. In the role of a data engineer, Sina has created robust data pipelines from scratch, demonstrating the ability to handle complex data processing tasks. As a data analyst, Sina has excelled in visualizing and presenting business intelligence findings to C-level executives and stakeholders, enabling informed decision-making. Proficiency in SQL, Python, Git, and diverse visualization tools equips Sina to overcome challenges and generate comprehensive analytical reports, empowering product managers and board members to drive impactful actions and enhance product excellence.

Sina holds a master's degree in Artificial Intelligence from the Isfahan University of Technology (IUT). Working under the supervision of Dr. Manshaei at the Game Theory & Mechanism Design Research Lab (GTMD), Sina deepened knowledge and expertise in the applications of AI. With a solid academic foundation and practical experience, Sina is prepared to bring valuable insights and analytical excellence to any organization.

Let's get in touch and discover how Sina Dehghanian's meticulous approach to data analysis and wealth of skills can contribute to the success of your business.

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Work Experience

Data Analyst/Engineer

May 2023 - now

Bitpin is one of the major players in fintech industry in Iran.

  • Working as a senior Data Analyst in TnP Department.
  • Strong collaboration with the CEO and board members.
  • Responsible for all data pipelines and dashboards.
  • Working as a Data Engineer and setup the infrastructure of scheduling, running, and monitoring DAGs, including Airflow and several Bots for monitoring, from scratch.


Data Analyst

Jun. 2022 - Jan. 2023

Roomvu is an AI-powered automated video marketing tool for real-estate agencis.

  • Designing dashboards in collaboration with TnP (Tech and Product) teams.
  • Strong collaboration with the CEO and board members.
  • Working as a Data Engineer in the Data Analytics Team, developing the first ETL pipeline using Airflow, Python, and SQL.
  • Creating numerous funnels to track the conversion of various KPIs.
  • Developing certain BOTs for automating, monitoring, and reporting dashboards and KPIs.


Data Analyst

Feb. 2022 - May. 2022

Revolut is the most successful fintech company in Europe.

  • working as a Financial Data Analyst at Finance Department.
  • Preparing Dashboards for reporting to board members.
  • Creating and maintaining ETLs using Airflow.
  • Analysing reconciliations and finding the root cause by querying the large databases.


Data Analyst

Mar. 2021 - Jan. 2022

Digikala is the largest online marketplace and retail in the middle east (Yahoo finance reports).

  • Working as a Business Data Analyst and negotiating with stakeholders to present analytical insights and formulate their requirements to KPIs and metrics with a critical attitude.
  • Accelerate dashboard publishing time and reduce it from one month to two weeks on average by restructuring the processes and utilizing novel tools for task management in the team.
  • Redesign location-based dashboards by launching a brand-new map platform with customized layers.
  • Initiate using git in the team and held a two-week workshop to instruct teammates.
  • Tackle business challenges by using advanced analytical approaches, e.g., train a machine learning model to predict the churn probability of the fleet.
  • Explore, prepare, and clean various data sources using SQL and Python for ad-hoc analysis and preparing reports in spreadsheets or visualize the results in PowerBI.

Balad Maps

Data Analyst

Apr. 2020 - Feb. 2021

Balad is the leading Persian maps and navigation service in Iran.

  • Working as a Product Data Analyst with Product Managers to formulated their requests to measurable metrics and KPIs.
  • Developed various dashboards from the ground up in Apache Superset that are used by stakeholders every day.
  • Collaborated with the marketing team for ad-hoc analysis and finding the optimal targets of campaigns.
  • Designed and implemented ETLs in Python scripts and automated them by defining DAG jobs in Apache Airflow to save time and reducing the effort of manually handling them.
  • Used git for version control in team projects.

Balad Maps

Software QA Engineer

Oct. 2018 - Apr. 2020

Balad is the leading Persian maps and navigation service in Iran.

  • Working as a Software QA Engineer with client team.
  • Defined the QA requirements and guidelines by negotiating with product managers.
  • Established the first test scenario document with attention to all details and functions.
  • Shaped the recruitment pipeline, interviewed more than 50 candidates for the QA specialist position, and hired ten new employees.
  • Mentored new joiners, getting them onboarded, and assigned them to teams.

Raya Navid Systems

BI Developer

Jul. 2018 - Oct. 2018

working as a BI Developer to design, develope, and maintain BPMS systems.

  • Designing business processes using BPMN.
  • Developing insightful reports using JasperReports and Pentaho.
  • Working on API testing with Postman.
  • Thesis: Workload Offloading in Fog Computing: A Cooperative Approach ,
  • Supervisior: Dr. Manshaei,
  • Short Description: Using Reinforcement Learning methods like Q-Learning for optimizing workload offloading in the Fog Computing paradigm in terms of delay and QoS.
  • Abstract: You can find my thesis abstract and its first chapter on my academic website from here
  • IUT Thesis Repository: You can check my thesis in the IUT Thesis repository here

  • Project: Mining Web Data in the field of E-Commerce ,
  • Supervisior: Dr. Ghadiri,
  • Short Description: Performing sentiment analysis on Persian comments published on one of the biggest E-commerce websites and classifying each comment.
  • Abstract: You can find my project abstract along with its first chapter on my academic website from here
Academic Experience
Lab Instructor and chief of TAs

Database Lab

Sep. 2017 - Jan. 2018

Holding regular sessions for Database lab. and teaching SQL. | Acting as a team leader of other instructors and coordinating plenty of sessions to show other instructors how to teach and communicate with students.

Lab Instructor

Undergraduate Labs

Sep. 2014 - Dec. 2017

Lab instructor of plenty of undergraduate labs including: Database lab, Software Engineering lab, and Fundamentals of Programming lab

Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate Courses

Jan. 2017 - Jun. 2017

Teaching Assistant (TA) of plenty of undergraduate courses including: Information Technology Ethics, Information Technology Fundamentals

Volunteer Experiences
Member of the Scientific Committee


Dec. 2020 - Jun. 2021

Datadays2021, Sharif University of Technology The responsibility of the scientific committee is to design and evaluate the best challenge and solution for the Datadays 2021 contest. As a scientific staff, my team and I define the best metric for the data-related challenge and develop the baseline model for the problem. Datadays Challenge on RoboEpics

Member of the Executive and Scientific Committee


Apr. 2017 - Nov. 2017

MVIP2017 conference, Isfahan University of Technology Member of the executive and scientific committee Head of the management team

Senior Editor

Database Lab Instruction

Jun. 2016 - Sep. 2017

As an instructor and chief of teaching assistants (TA), I had a chance to edit and publish two versions of the "Database Lab Instruction." This document is used as the primary instruction for teaching SQL and practical drills for students across all lab groups.

Member of Editorial Team

HyperText Magazine

Jan. 2021

Faramatn that is the Persian equivalent of HyperText, is a magazine that is published and organized by students at the ECE Department of IUT. I've been honored to participate as an editor of an article regarding my master thesis in an issue. Check my article in the online version HERE.

Executive Member of Welcoming Committee of New Students

Isfahan University of Technology

Aug. 2014 - Sep. 2016

It is clear that in the first year, first-year students need to be supported in both academic aspects and social fields. In this plan, the senior or junior B.Sc. students help the freshmen during their entrance of the university. I have been a member of this committee for two courses of holding. Some of my activities include holding orientation days, supporting and mentoring first-year students, scheduling and holding different kinds of workshops, holding scientific visits, and managing the meetings with professors. for more information you can visit:

Leadership and Management

From public speaking, to mentoring, to coordination of people and events, I can lead in any context.

Technical Skills

Programming Skills: Python: Pandas, Numpy, Flask, SQLAlchemy, requests • SQL

Database Management Systems: PostgreSQL • MySQL • MS SQL Server

Data Visualization & Dashboarding: Metabase • Superset • Power BI

others: FOSS fan • Linux Comfortable • Git • Server-side development: SSHing, Code & debug in terminal, handling connections between server and db, curl, tmux • LaTex • Jira


Farsi: Native, English: Advanced (IELTS Academic: C1 level)

Merit-based Admission

Directly admitted to the master due to top graduation rank in bachelor

Top Graduation

Ranked top 10% of graduates at the master

Top Graduation

Ranked top 10% of graduates at the bachelor